I think that one of my bigger goals in life is to feel at home anywhere, and to feel at home in my own skin and to find comfort where ever I am. I’ve made major strides towards this since I hit the road full time eight months ago. It always takes me a day or two of being away from people to acclimate to it, but I’ve found that once I find comfort in being alone it is a feeling of calm like nothing I’ve experienced before. My life was so filled with static, the noise of work and bills and credit scores, customer lists, television shows I’m supposed to be watching, etc. I loved my life in Lawrence, though I think it was clear to anyone that knows me that it had started to take it’s toll on me and as I had jokingly said for years, this little bird has to fly.

I think one of the things that’s changed the most for me since I’ve started traveling is the sense of connection I have with the people in my life. I’m so lucky to have such a vast group of friends all across America and well beyond.

I’ve never been much of a portrait photographer, but it’s something that I’ve become more and more interested in. I love seeing emotion in the faces that I love, it gives me something that I can carry with me.

People like Zack, who’s been a dear friend and life coach to me for almost twenty years. His energy and creativity seem to know no bounds. I just happened to be in Fayetteville, Ar on the day of his very last show before moving on to a better life in Seattle.

Zack Wait.


My sweet bestie Adam Lott, who no matter how many times I tell his that he was meant for bigger and better things somehow manages to remain humble.



Jeffrey Mckee who stands by me through all of my whims and always supports me as a photographer, and who is an amazing photographer himself.



My blood family, Gavin, Graceann, Kathleen and Allen. Who I never have to ask permission from and rarely have to apologize to. Who will stay up way too late working in one hundred degree weather to build out the bed in my little van and who always, no matter what have room for me in their lives.

My baby bro.



Henderson. Tabatha.

I want to go on and on endlessly about all of the people that fill my life with purpose, and I hope that never changes.

The point is this, to all the people that I see on my travels and my return trips back to the Midwest.  Thank you for being a part of my life, I’d like to take your photograph the next time I see you.

Please remember to reach out! I would love to hear from you. If there’s a spot you think I should check out, you’d like to spend an afternoon shooting photos or just want to chat, post a comment here or send me a message on Facebook. Oh, and please follow me on Twitter and Instagram @roadlyfe to stay in the loop! You can also email me at adam@roadlyfe.com.

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